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We take our Bibles with us everywhere we go. If it’s not in one of our Bible Covers, we hold it in our hands, so God’s Written Word comes alive through the weight and texture of your Bible.

That’s why it is important to understand the different materials that are used to bind a Bible. This is commonly known as “Bible Bindings.” In fact, after deciding which Bible Translation you prefer, picking the right binding is the second most important thing to consider when buying a new Bible.

How would you like your Bible bound?

Whether you are looking for a Hardcover, Duo-Tone, or a Bonded-Leather Bible, we have one that will feel as good to your hands as its Bible verses feel to your heart.

Genuine Leather

Natural leather cut from cowhide or pigskin, selected and tanned for bookbinding.

Premium Leather

A superior binding style constructed of the finest, high-quality leather.

  • Top Grain Cowhide: Leather from the top of outside of a hide.
  • Cowhide: Very strong, soft, long wearing leather made from the hide of a cow.
  • Genuine Morocco: Leather from the skins of Indian goats. Thicker, less apt to dry, and longer wearing than sheepskin. One of the most luxurious and durable of all book leathers.
  • French Morocco: Medium quality leather from sheepskin. Soft, flexible, and attractive. Needs special care to prevent cracking and drying. Can be embossed in various grains.
  • Calfskin: Very supple, luxurious leather made from the skin of young cattle. Characterized by distinctive grain and fiber structure.

Bonded Leather

High quality material made of genuine leather fibers, often bonded with latex.

Leatherlike (Imitation Leather or Leatherflex)

These Bibles resemble leather but are washable and resistant to soiling, cracking, scuffing and scratching.


This binding type goes by several different names depending on the vendor (Italian Duo-Tone, TwoTone, Royalsoft, etc.), and typically uses two different color tones put together. This is a synthetic leather that looks and feels very much like genuine leather.


Woven, non-woven or other printed material bound over rigid boards. Hardcover, or hardback books, are often times more durable than paper bound books.

Paperback (Softcover)

Flexible synthetic material that combines strength and durability.


Standard binding material made from cotton fabric. Cloth binding is often coated with protective plastic varnish that is applied to hard boards, producing a stiff, durable cover.


  • Paper-Over-Board: A hardcover binding concealed with a dust jacket.
  • Vinyl: Tough synthetic material, that’s both durable and attractive.
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