Standing Firm in These Last Days: 1 & 2 Thessalonians, New Inductive Study Series, by Kay Arthur

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  • Author: Kay Arthur

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Jesus is coming back soon. Many Christians worry about how these final events will play out. Delve into the wisdom the apostle Paul shares with the Thessalonians to see how you can be more confident in your walk with Christ.
Kay Arthur's insightful New Inductive Study Series is a bestselling Bible study series. Readers will face the truth of God's precepts, promises, and purposes by devoting just a few minutes to study each day.
Chapters include:
- Introduction to 1 Thessalonians
- Week One: Without Blame at Christ's Return—Is It Possible?
- Week Two: What's Happened Since You Believed?
- Week Three: How Do You Deliver the Gospel in an Exemplary Way?
- Week Four: What Place Has Suffering in the Life of a Child of God?
- Week Six: You: Sanctified Entirely—Body, Soul, and Spirit
- Introduction to 2 Thessalonians
- Week One: What's the Fate of Those Who Afflict the Child of God?
- Week Two: When Will the Day of the Lord Come?
- Week Three: What About Those Who Lead Undisciplined Lives?

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