A Man After God’s Own Heart: Updated and Expanded, by Jim George

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  • Author: Jim George

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Would you like to have a real and lasting impact on the world around you?
God knows what it will take for you to experience the satisfaction that comes from living a life of purpose—His purpose. In A Man After God’s Own Heart, you’ll discover God’s perfect design for how you can make a difference in all the key areas of your life:
- Your marriage—what it means to love, lead, and protect your wife
- Your children—the keys to training them up and shaping their hearts
- Your work—modeling integrity and diligence in the workplace
- Your church—discovering how and where God can use you
- Your life example—letting others see God in your words and actions
Commit now to becoming a man after God’s own heart—you’ll find it the most rewarding pursuit ever!

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