A Generous Life: 10 Steps to Living a Life Money Can't Buy, by David Green and Bill High

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  • Author: David Green
  • With: Bill High

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People at all stages and ages of life are left wondering if their life truly makes a difference. We all want to live a life that has meaning and extends beyond our years on earth. In A Generous Life, Hobby Lobby founder David Green suggests readers begin to adopt a lifestyle of generosity.
David understands what it is to acquire material wealth, as the founder and CEO of the largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer in the world, yet he has also learned the secret of generous living. David has found peace and fulfillment as someone who gives away half of his profits to charity, lives with integrity and faith, and enjoys the peace of crafting a legacy now.
You have been blessed in friendships, family, work, education, or talents and God calls you to bless others with those gifts, no matter your income level. In A Generous Life, David guides you through ten simple yet life-changing steps to help you establish a generous mindset, determine where and how much to give, create a legacy plan, and more.
A Generous Life helps you start right where you are with practical helps on everything from deciding what you want your legacy to be to talking about money with your children. You are richer than you realize, and when you give it back to our generous God, your true wealth will never end.