Marriage After God, by Aaron Smith, Jennifer Smith, Hardcover

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  • Author: Aaron Smith
  • Author: Jennifer Smith

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What if God has a purpose for your marriage that is so much more than happily every after?
Ever since the beginning, God's design for marriage was for husbands and wives to be ambassadors of holy love to the hurting world. Still, many couples stop short at happy and wonder why they feel unsatisfied. Instead of "you and me against the world," God calls each couple to a rich and more meaningful mission of "you and me for the world."
Aaron and Jennifer Smith, marriage bloggers of the popular sites and, reveal their journey from a marriage in crisis to a marriage where Christ is allowed to build His redemptive love. Sharing fresh biblical insight and intimate stories of their own struggles and victories, Marriage After God guides readers toward a God-centered, ministry-minded, and thriving marriage. Discover the signature marks of a marriage after God, find principles for building an unshakable marriage foundation, learn ways to let God's story take lead in your love story, and recognize the tools God has already provided to live a missional life together. Packed with helpful illustrations, this thorough and practical book will empower you and your spouse to dream, decide, and do as you step hand-in-hand in to God's ultimate purpose for your marriage.
Your union is also meant for witness. Your remarkable, romantic, and redemptive relationship is purposed by God to be a powerful light into a dark and hurting world. This is your invitation to marriage as God intended. Experience a life-saving, hope-inspiring, and transforming force of God's love.