MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Mark 1-8

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  • Author: John F. MacArthur

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"Mark 1-8" begins "The MacArthur New Testament Commentary's" look at the second of the four gospels. The commentary provides a verse by verse and phrase by phrase exposition of the text, taking into account the cultural, theological, and Old Testament contexts of each passage. Interpretive challenges are fully dealt with, and differing views are fairly evaluated. These study guides, part of a set from noted Bible scholar John MacArthur, take readers on a journey through biblical texts to discover what lies beneath the surface, focusing on meaning and context, and then reflecting on the explored passage or concept. With probing questions that guide the reader toward application, as well as ample space for journaling, these""are invaluable tools for Bible students of all ages. Use this volume of "The MacArthur New Testament Commentary" series to assist you in your study of this cherished New Testament book.

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