A Quick Guided Tour Through the Bible: Experience the Story from Genesis to Revelation, by Stephen M. Miller

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  • Author: Stephen M. Miller

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You’ll feel as if you’re on the scene as the big events from the Bible unfold in this unique visual guide. Nearly a hundred easy-to-read maps, created with data from NASA, and 150 additional graphics are paired with fast-paced, magazine-style accounts. You’ll find a fresh perspective on plenty of biblical highlights, including:
- Finding Rebekah: Long Walk for a Good Wife
- Moses Takes the Scenic Route
- How to Convert a Hardcore Jew: Paul on the Road to Damascus
With a touch of humor, seminary-educated newspaper journalist Stephen M. Miller draws from the finest biblical scholarship to lead you on an informative and entertaining journey from Genesis to Revelation.
Chapters include:
- In Search of the Beginning
- Iraqi Abraham on the Move
- Israel Visits Egypt--for 430 Years
- Moses Leads the Exodus Home
- Taking Back the Promised Land
- Israel's First Kings
- One Nation Divided, the First 100 Years
- Jews Evicted from Israel
- Rebuilding from a Rock Pile
- Jesus on a Mission
- The Church Is Born
- Bible Lands Today

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