The Beginner's Bible, Hardcover, Illustrated

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  • Editor: Catherine DeVries
  • Illustrator: Kelly Pulley

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The bestselling and most beloved children’s Bible storybook of all time is now updated and revised for a new generation of youngsters! The Beginner's Bible brings more than 90 favorite Bible stories to life with vibrant illustrations and simple, easy-to-follow text. The short and simple Bible stories communicate passages of Scripture in ways that kids can grasp.

While you may be familiar with the colorful illustrations of earlier editions of The Beginner's Bible, this new revised edition enhances the artwork even more. The same art direction is now improved with 3D computer illustrations to create a more vivid sense of light, shadow, and space. Now that kids are growing up with computer illustrated cartoons, they can also witness Bible stories illustrated through similar designs.

  • - 512 pages
  • - Over 90 Bible stories
  • - Simple text and vivid artwork
  • - 3D illustrations

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