Who Was Betsy Ross by James Buckley Jr, John OBrien, and Nancy Harrison, Paperback

  • Author: James Buckley Jr.
  • Illustrator: John O'Brien
  • Illustrator: Nancy Harrison

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Betsy Ross was born the eighth of seventeen children in Philadelphia. She lived during a time when the American colonies were yearning for independence from British rule. She was eager to contribute to the cause in any way she could. Working as a seamstress, she made tents and repaired uniforms for the soldiers when the colonies declared war.
By 1779, she was filling cartridges for the Continental Army. Did she really sew the first flag? The subject is up for debate, but Who Was Betsy Ross? recounts the story of a proud patriot who certainly helped form the flag for a new nation.
Chapters include:
- Who Was Betsy Ross?
- A Quaker Girl
- Time to Go to Work
- War!
- A New Flag
- A Hometown Invaded
- Victory...and a New Life
- The Claypooles Move Ahead
- Busy to the End
- A Legend Is Born
- Timelines
- Bibliography

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