Who Was Frederick Douglass by Jones Prince, Squier and Harrison, Paperback

  • Author: April Jones Prince
  • Illustrator: Robert Squier
  • Illustrator: Nancy Harrison

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Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in Maryland in 1818. Determined to gain freedom, he secretly learned to read and write so he would have an advantage, because he knew that knowledge is power.
He escaped to the North in 1838 and gave powerful speeches about his experience as a slave. His oratory skills made him one of the most famous abolitionists of the nineteenth century. He was even a good friend of President Abraham Lincoln.
Chapters include:
- Who Was Frederick Douglass?
- A Young Slave
- Baltimore
- Becoming a Man
- Escape!
- Life in the North
- The North Star
- War Between the States
- Marshal Douglass
- Timelines
- Bibliography

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