The Animated Bible Series: Episode 1: The Creation, DVD


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God created everything we see, and even the things we don't see. Witness the creation story, and journey back to the garden where it all began. This first episode of The Animated Bible Series covers the first three chapters of Genesis telling the story of the creation, fall of man, God's judgment on mankind and on the serpent, the banishing of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden and the tree of life, and the promise of future redemption.
The Animated Bible Series is the world's first visual narrative that spans the entire Bible covering creation and the fall, the kings and the prophets, the coming of Christ, and concluding with His final Revelation. This unique graphic-novel style rendering of the Bible attempts to capture the imagination of new generations as God's redemptive story unfolds through vivid visual artwork and everyday language.
- 23 minutes
- Part of The Animated Bible Series
- Created by Kingstone Media

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