VeggieTales, Lord of the Beans, DVD

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  • Recorded by: VeggieTales

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Meet the new Veggie Flobbit, Toto Baggypants, who inherits a bean with amazing powers from his Uncle Billboy. Together with Randalf, fearless ranger Ear-A-Corn, sharpshooting elf Log-O-Lamb, and surly dwarf Grumpy, Toto forms the Fellowship of the Bean and embarks on a dangerous quest to find the answer to his question - what is this incredible gift for? Across the Mountains of Much Snowia, to the Elders of the Razzberry Forest, through the Blue Gate into the desolate land of Woe -- in search of an answer. Learn how important it is to use your gifts for good!

Special Bonus!: "Silly Songs with Elves" Wynonna Judd sings new hit song "It's About Love" (available on the Incredible Singing Christmas Tree album!)


-Behind the Scenes
- Wynonna Judd Music Video
- Interview w/ Wynonna
- Bob & Larry's Playhouse Fun!
- Trivia
- Sing Along with Larry
- Lord of the Beans Game
- Toto's Family Activity
- The Other Elf's Secret Cookie Recipe
- How to Draw Toto & Leg-O-Lamb
- Creating Lord of the Beans
- Veggie Commentary
- Previews of Sheerluck Holmes & LarryBoy '06
- Computer DVD features


Hidden Easter Eggs
DVD format: NTSC / Region 1
5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
English/Spanish Subtitles

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