How to Connect with Your Troubled Adult Children, by Allison Bottke

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  • Author: Allison Bottke

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What do you do when parenting gets painfully complicated?
Are your adult child's mental, emotional, and physical health issues bringing you to the point of despair? Are you thinking about bailing your son or daughter out of another difficult situation? When you child has reached or surpassed the age of independence, it's difficult to know what your help as a parent should entail.
From the author of Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children, Allison Bottke now provides an in-depth guide to help you connect to your troubled adult child, and to build your confidence, knowledge, and hope in challenging situations, such as:
- Drug addiction
- Mental and emotional disabilities
- Military trauma and PTSD
- Personality disorders
- Financial trouble
- Depression and bipolar
- Divorce
- Incarceration
- And more
Whether you are facing these challenges for the first time, or looking to learn more, take a step back and work on effective strategies to truly help your adult child, without sacrificing your sanity.

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