The Jerusalem Assassin: A Novel, Marcus Ryker Series, by Joel C. Rosenberg

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  • Author: Joel C. Rosenberg

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The enemy goes unseen, yet is moving fast. Time is running out as the body count continues to rise.
Marcus Ryker spent his whole career studying killers. One thing he can count on: a peace summit is the ultimate stage for an assassination.
President Andrew Clarke plans to announce his historic peace plan from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. When senior American officials in support of the plan start facing violent deaths, Clarke orders Ryker and his team of CIA operatives to track down those responsible and bring the killing spree to an end.
Once the Palestinians denounce the American plan, the Saudis signal they may be ready to forge an historic treaty with Israel. Could the Saudi king's support be that missing ingredient that could lead to a lasting peace?
Ryker soon unveils a chilling plot to assassinate the American president. A well-resourced international alliance is determined against the peace plan. They will stop at nothing to strike a blow against the Americans and gain leadership of the Muslim world.
With everyone watching Jerusalem and the president in the crosshairs, it's up to Ryker to eliminate the terrible evil that's set in motion. The fate of the region depends on his success. He only has 48 hours.
Joel C. Rosenberg is a New York Times bestselling author, and is among today's top fact-based fiction authors. U.S. News and World Report called him a modern-day Nostradamus. He has even spoken with top leaders from around the world. He's also the founder and chairman of The Joshua Fund, a nonprofit educational and humanitarian relief organization dedicated to educating and mobilizing Christians to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-2.

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