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Can I have my order shipped to a prison or county jail?

Mardel ships to prisons, county jails and other correctional facilities.

Tips to help your package meet the general standards held by most prisons:

  • Most correctional facilities will only except packages from USPS. Please call customer service at 1-888-262-7335 or email at if you need to update the shipping method.

  • Check to make sure the inmate has not been transferred to a new facility.

  • While checking inmate status, ask for their list of items permitted.

  • Most correctional facilities allow only paperback items to be delivered to inmates. Keep this in mind when placing orders.

  • Limit quantities to no more than three items.

  • We recommend asking for which mail carrier is accepted by facility, and to contact Customer Service to notify shipping method that is needed to deliver by.

If the inmate is transferred to a new facility before receiving your package, we will refund your purchase after the items are returned to us. This can take up to 8 weeks (occasionally longer) depending on the facility’s return process.

There are a few things we cannot do in relation to inmate orders. We cannot send a package anonymously. The packing slip must include your name. Mardel cannot contact the facility to determine an alternative delivery method or address for the inmate. We also cannot include a personalized note with the order.

Placing an order on our Website:

  • First and Last name of the individual

  • ID number, which will go in the “company line”

  • First Address line must be the physical address of the facility. Second Address line the Name of the facility.

  • Your email address and phone number.

  • Please save and continue before moving on with your billing information

If you need help placing your order, please call customer service at 1-888-262-7335 or email at