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Can't Find Your Package?

1. Confirm shipping address in Your Orders

  • Verify if your shipping address on your Order is correct.
  • Verify if the unit or apartment number was provided and correct.
  • Check to see if left in a Parcel Locker, Lockbox or with apartment management.

2. Look for a notice of delivery attempt

  • Look for a delivery confirmation in the tracking information provided.
  • Check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.

3. Check around the delivery location

  • Shrub, bushes or side door.

4. Ask your household members and neighbors

  • Check if someone else accepted the delivery.

5. Wait 48 hours for the package to be delivered

  • Packages may be mistakenly scanned as delivered up to 48 hours before arrival.

6. You can check with the carrier

The carrier may have more information about the location of the package. Please see contact information below.

What to do Next?

  • If you have not located the package after following the steps above, you can: Call Customer Service 888-262-7335 or Email