Set Adrift, by Sean McDowell & John Marriott

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  • Author: Sean McDowell
  • Author: John Marriott

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The number of Christians leaving the church today is significant. For various reasons, they are unsettled by the version of Christianity they've inherited.Sean McDowell and John Marriott will help you navigate the questions and cultural challenges that lead many to walk away from the faith. There are other ways Christians throughout history have understood what faithfulness to Jesus looks like.

Each chapter provides practical advice on how to disassemble, rethink, and reassemble beliefs that are truly Christian and culturally and personally relevant. The authors wrote Set Adrift as people who had to navigate their own way back through the deconstruction. They wrote it to offer their own personal suggestions for what to do when you're not sure what to believe anymore. Deconstruct your faith without sinking your faith!