Ultimate Guide to Defend Your Faith, by Doug Powell, Hardcover

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The Ultimate Guide to Defend Your Faith is filled with practical information, resources, and visual aids to help readers discuss, defend, and clearly explain their Christian faith with others.
In this age of growing moral and spiritual relativism, many people are struggling with the reliability of the Scriptures, the historicity of Jesus, or the problem of pain and suffering. Knowing the basics of these core issues and their biblical solutions will help you better understand the worldview and beliefs of others while defending your faith in a fun and engaging way.
Chapters include:
- What is Apologetics?
- Does God Exist? The Cosmological Argument
- Does God Exist? The Teleological Argument
- Does God Exist? The Moral Argument
- Which God Exists?
- Where Did the New Testament Come From?
- Is the New Testament Reliable?
- Is the Old Testament Reliable?
- Do Miracles Happen?
- What About Prophecy?
- The Resurrection?
- Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Is Jesus the Only Way?
- How Can God Allow Evil?