Get Out Of Your Head Video Study, by Jennie Allen, DVD

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  • Author: Jennie Allen

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Sometimes we are content with just being good while our insides are a total mess. Because no one notices, we assume we are okay. This study on the book of Philippians might be your most important project yet.
The Bible doesn't paint a picture of a regenerate person, filled with the Spirit, whose goal is to just survive.
Our faith journey here on Earth is not about behavior modification. Our journey should be a radical shift from the world and the way it thinks. Our journey should represent a supernatural intervention reshaping us into whom God built us to be.
We should be women who set our minds on Christ, or better yet, realize we have already been given the mind of Christ and therefore, are deeply and intrinsically motivated and moved by an entirely different source. We are not just searching to make Jesus happy, but our complete happiness is found in Him. If we believed these simple truths, it could change everything. It's possible that we could waste our lives never learning to take our thoughts captive.
This six session video-based Bible study dives head first into Paul's letter to the Philippians, where he encourages them to become entirely new kinds of humans whose minds are set solely on Christ. Jennie Allen, bestselling author and Bible teacher, through the book of Philippians uses purpose and intention to unpack the simple, yet challenging truth of allowing ourselves and our minds to be transformed in the name of Christ. Jennie confronts our current cultural struggles while relating valid and trusted answers in Scripture that inspire real change from the inside out.
Each session includes video teaching, group discussion, and personal study time for digging deeper, reflection, consideration, response, imagination, and Scripture memory.