Following God Series: An Overview of the Old Testament

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  • Author: John Malseed

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An Overview of the Old Testament contains a "blueprint" Bible study that gives a brief sketch of every chapter in the Old Testament. Each "blueprint" begins with easy to follow Scripture divisions that are summed up with challenging self-examination and thought-provoking study questions. The study questions are designed to encourage readers to open their Bibles to find God's truths. Prayer and praise points allow time for quiet contemplation and application of the lesson. Allowing Scripture to be its own interpreter, An Overview encourages readers to compare Scripture with Scripture (1 Cor. 2:613) so that they can discover the true message God has for each of us. Unlike other books in the acclaimed Following God Bible Study series, An Overview does not give answers to the study questions asked, encouraging readers to find the answers in the greatest textbook of all time -- the Bible. Whether it is used for group study, individual devotions or as a tool for preachers, An Overview of the Old Testament is a new and exciting way to learn the truth of God's Word.

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