Quest 52: A Fifteen-Minute-a-Day Yearlong Pursuit of Jesus, by Mark Moore

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  • Author: Mark E. Moore

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Mark E. Moore, bestselling author of Core 52, offers a fifteen-minute-a-day plan to help you know and become more like Jesus over the span of a year.

You may have read a lot about Jesus. Now you can spend the whole next year with Him. Mark Moore, respected Bible professor and teaching pastor, will be your guide through this journey. He developed this process over the course of nearly forty years of helping people make sense of Christianity.

Quest 52 highlights key moments from the life of Christ, revealing His identity, His expectations, His priorities, and His ultimate purpose. Each week includes a handpicked gospel reading from the life of Jesus, plus an Old Testament passage foreshadowing His coming, a New Testament story revealing His impact, an invitation to discuss insights with fellow travelers, and practical ways to put what you've learned into practice.

The topics cover relevant issues such as:

- Does Jesus really care about your pain?
- How can you know God's call on your life?
- What does Jesus say about social justice?
- How can you hear God's voice?
- What are ways to survive these difficult days?

This quest will improve your understanding of Jesus and could forever change the way you make decisions, engage with others, interpret today's big issues, and even view yourself.