Discovering Daniel, by Amir Tsarfati & Rick Yohn, Pre-buy

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  • Author: Amir Tsarfati
  • With: Rick Yohn

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While the world appears to be in a crisis, the book of Daniel gives us a glimpse of the ways God guides our lives and world events, giving us a reason to hope.

Amir Tsarfati uses the same deep, yet approachable style used in his breakout bestseller, Revealing Revelation, to unpack how Daniel's prophecies, and unwavering faith in a contentious culture, offer vital insights for living out these last days with hope and wisdom. As you explore the deep connection between Daniel and Revelation, you'll learn how:

- 2,500 years of future history unfolded exactly the way God said it would, demonstrating how all things are in His hands
- Prophetic mysteries in Daniel reveal crucial insights into the signs, timeline, and events of the last days
- God’s ability to use Daniel’s faith in powerful ways shows how He can work through us too

Discovering Daniel reveals how the words, actions, and visions of the prophet Daniel can provide you with purpose and hope in today’s chaotic world, encouraging you to live with confidence in God’s supreme sovereignty and love in the time we have left on this earth.