The Light of His Presence, by Anne Graham Lotz, Hardcover

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  • Author: Anne Graham Lotz

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Anne Graham Lotz, the beloved Bible teacher and daughter of Billy Graham, presents a rich treasury of her personal prayers to lead you into a deeper, more intimate daily conversation with God.
Why is it that when we bow our heads to pray, we start thinking of other things we need to do? How can we make time to pray in the midst of our busy lives? How can we know what to say, and say it?
Like many of us, Anne Graham Lotz has faced struggles with prayer. Over the years, she has learned that writing out her prayers draws her into deeper, more intimate conversations with God. The Light of His Presence provides 40 of these tender, honest prayers for real-life situations as an invitation to develop your own prayer life through worship, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. You will find encouragement to lean more fully into God's promises through this power-packed devotional resource, that includes inspiring quotes from Christians through the ages and also includes space to journal your own words to God.
“My prayer for you," Ann writes, "is that God will use my struggle with prayer to help you overcome yours. And that, as a result, you will be drawn nearer to the heart of God.”
Chapters include:
- A Prayer of The Weary
- A Prayer for Stormy Days
- A Prayer in The Hardest Times
- A Prayer of Surrender
- A Prayer for Peace And Protection
- A Prayer for Unshakable Trust
- A Prayer to Be A Light In The Darkness
- A Prayer for God's Grace And Glory
- A Prayer to Trust In God's Provision
- A Prayer to The Eternal, Unchanging God
- A Prayer to The Rock Of Our Salvation
- A Prayer of Worship: God's Personhood
- A Prayer of Worship: God's Presence
- A Prayer of Worship: God's Power
- A Prayer for the Persecuted
- A Prayer for National Cleansing And Revival
- A Prayer for The People of God
- A Prayer of The Lonely
- A Prayer for Victory In Battle
- A Prayer for Deliverance
- A Prayer for The Salvation Of Family Members
- A Prayer of Thanksgiving For The Power Of The Cross
- A Prayer to Make A Difference In A Hurting World
- A Prayer of Dependence On God's Power And Authority
- A Prayer of Contrition
- A Prayer for True Wisdom
- A Prayer for True Security And Prosperity
- A Prayer to Live Boldly For God's Glory
- A Prayer for Strength To Stand
- A Prayer of Confession And Repentance
- A Prayer for Restored Beauty In The Body Of Christ
- A Prayer to Overcome Evil With Good
- A Prayer to Be Salt And Light
- A Prayer for An Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit
- A Prayer to Live For A Greater Purpose
- A Prayer for Future Generations
- A Prayer for The Mission-Minded
- A Prayer to Stay Focused
- A Prayer of Adoration For The Bridegroom
- A Prayer to Experience Holiness