More Than a Hobby, by David Green

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  • Author: David Green
  • With: Dean Merrill

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More than a Hobby takes readers inside the mind of a low-key, likable Oklahoma entrepreneur who has created a unique shopping experience. How did his company go from a $600 loan to $1.3 billion in annual sales in just thirty-one years-especially when he wasn't groomed for this work either by heritage or by education?
Green was willing to go against the tide, allowing faith to play a huge part in the business. More Than a Hobby describes how this wildly successful business was built not on business-school theory, but on the founder's own experience as a grassroots store manager.
Chapters include:
- Why I Love Retail
Part One: Out Front
- A Creative Frenzy
- The Shopping Atmosphere
- 90 Percent Off?!
Part Two: Behind the Scenes
- Three Ways to Guard the Bottom Line
- What Computers Don't Know
- Keep It Simple
- What Committees Don't Know
Part Three: The People Factor
- Leading By Example
- Taking Care of Families
- High Expectations
Part Four: More Than A Hobby
- This Is Not a "Secular" Business
- Taking Risks
- So What?

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