The Blessed Life, Revised & Updated, by Robert Morris

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  • Author: Robert Morris
  • Foreword by: James Robinson

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Though this book was written with an emphasis on financial freedom, the principles described within are guaranteed to change every area of your life – marriage, family, health, and relationships – for the better.

In The Blessed Life, Robert Morris explains that when God pulls the selfishness out of your heart and replaces it with generosity, every part of your journey is affected. With humor, passion, and clarity, he presents the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually, and examines the extraordinary benefits that are just waiting to be reaped in Christ.

Chapters include:

  • - The Unexpected Adventure
  • - God Must Be First
  • - Life, Not Law
  • - The Principle of Multiplication
  • - Breaking the Spirit of Mammon
  • - It Takes a Heart Transplant
  • - Do the Right Thing
  • - The Gift of Giving
  • - God Rewards Good Stewardship
  • - Need, Greed or Seed
  • - God Rewards Generosity
  • - Guaranteed Financial Results

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