Good Boundaries and Goodbyes, by Lysa TerKeurst

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  • Author: Lysa TerKeurst

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Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author, helps put an end to the dysfunction of unhealthy relationships by revealing the biblical ways to set boundaries, and, when necessary, say goodbye without losing the best of who we are.

Relationships are great, until they're not.

Have you ever had thoughts like, I can't keep doing this—something has to change? Or, I've tried everything to fix this relationship but nothing is working—I fear I'm becoming someone I don't even like? Or even, I love this person, but this is starting to feel impossible?

You've listened to all the advice, but you're starting to understand that if the other person isn't going to change what's broken in the relationship, then you can't change it on your own. So now what?

Lysa TerKeurst totally gets this dance with dysfunction and wants to be your insightful, compassionate friend who will teach you that it isn't unloving to set a boundary, and it isn't unchristian to say goodbye. You'll be relieved to learn that boundaries aren't just a good idea, they're a God idea.

This insightful book will be refreshingly helpful in giving you the biblical wisdom and confidence to set boundaries you can keep, communicate them, and finally see them working in your life. Good Boundaries and Goodbyes was born out of Lysa's own personal struggles with boundaries, extensive theological research, and therapeutic experiences that transformed the way she defined and pursued healthy relationships.