Praying Women, by Sheila Walsh

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  • Author: Sheila Walsh

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Do find yourself speechless when you start to pray? Prayer can be one of the most powerful, life-changing activities we will ever do, and yet we still struggle with it. It's not easy to find the time. It can get repetitive. We may get distracted, and sometimes even bored. Answers often feel few and far between. There is good news. There is still a simple, yet powerful way to reignite your conversation with God.
In Praying Woman, bestselling author Shelia Walsh offers practical helps directly from God's Word showing you how to:
- Know what to say when you pray
- Understand how to use prayer as a weapon when you are struggling
- Pray as joy-filled warriors, not anxious worriers
- Let go of the past and stand on God's promises for you now
Prayer changes you, and it can change the world. You may have tried before, but now is the time to start again in your relationship with God. Let Sheila Walsh guide you on how to become a strong praying woman.
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