When Strivings Cease, by Ruth Chou Simons, Hardcover

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  • Author: Ruth Chou Simons

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This isn't your call to get busy; it's your call to get discerning.

Women are more anxious than ever in this hustling, image-forward age of opportunity. Despite all the affirming memes and self-reflections dominating social media feeds, approval and worth are often assigned to what we do instead of who we are. We end up constantly feeling behind, and like we're failing, at home, work, with friends, and with God.

Ruth Chou Simons knows what it's like to feel measured by achievement, performance, and the approval of others. As a Taiwanese immigrant growing up between two cultures, Ruth was always on a mission to prove her worth, until she came to truly grasp the one thing that changes everything: the extravagant, undeserved gift of grace from a merciful God. In When Strivings Cease, Ruth guides us all on a journey to find freedom from the non-stop quest for approval and affirmation she teaches us how to:

- Examine the ways we look to superficial means of acceptance and belonging, and realizing we can't be so amazing that we won't need grace
- Find relief from running the hamster wheel of relying on our own strength, own abilities, and our own savvy—and always coming up short—by truly understanding the freedom Jesus purchased

Ruth uses personal stories, biblical insights, practical applications, and original artwork in this transformational new book to help us see the beautiful truth that God's favor is the only currency we need, because in Christ we are enough.