Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense, by Paul David Tripp

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  • Author: Paul David Tripp

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Life doesn't always make sense. Challenges can come in the form of death, illness, unemployment, or a difficult relationship. All of these obstacles pose challenges to everything we thought we knew, and we can feel utterly unprepared to cope.
Paul David Tripp, bestselling author, pieces together his personal story, counseling experience, and biblical insight to guide us through the midst of suffering. Identify six traps to avoid, including doubt, discouragement, and denial. Discover six comforts to embrace, including God's presence, God's people, and God's grace. Explore a wide range of common experiences. This raw, hope-filled book, will empower readers to reach out to God and hold fast to His promises when trials come and then move forward with the hope of the gospel.
Chapters include:
- The Day My Life Changed
- Suffering Is Never Neutral
- The Awareness Trap
- The Fear Trap
- The Envy Trap
- The Doubt Trap
- The Denial Trap
- The Discouragement Trap
- The Comfort of God’s Grace
- The Comfort of God’s Presence
- The Comfort of God’s Sovereignty
- The Comfort of God’s Purpose
- The Comfort of God’s People
- The Comfort of a Heart at Rest

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