Relationship Goals Study Guide, by Michael Todd, Paperback

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  • Author: Michael Todd

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Take your relationship from good to great as you make the breakthrough you need with this motivating workbook, based on Relationship Goals, Mike Todd's guide to finding lasting love.
More real than the most real conversation you've heard in church on the topic, Pastor Michael Todd provides honest, heartfelt, biblical wisdom for your relationships. Whether you've been married for ages or are just hoping to break out of the friend zone, this workbook will equip you with the practical tools you need while providing strategic space for you to reflect in writing on your own journey. Take the groundbreaking concepts from Relationship Goals to a new level as you encounter additional coaching to apply them intentionally and impactfully to your life.
Sessions include:
- Relationship Goals: Purpose
- Relationship Goals: Spirituality
- Relationship Goals: Intentionality
- Relationship Goals: Intimacy
- Relationship Goals: Commitment