Relationship Goals, by Michael Todd

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  • Author: Michael Todd

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Find lasting love by getting real about your relationship goals.
Michael Todd delivers an honest, heartfelt, and powerful teaching on relationships that is more real than the most real conversation you've ever heard in church, and his viral sermon on Relationship Goals has already impacted millions. Mike Todd believes relationships are the core of human thriving. So often, we lack the tools or vision to build our relationships on the wisdom and power of God.
In other words, while it's good to have a goal, you can't get there with proper aim. Chart a course that candidly examines your most common pitfalls, and unpacks explosive truths from God's Word. Michael's debut book will transform a trendy hashtag into a future where your most valued relationships thrive in relational life, hope, and abundance. Now those are real #relationshipgoals.
Chapters include:
- Taking Aim
- Before the Person
- The S-Word
- Intentional Dating
- Does It Need To End?
- Surrender Your Sexuality
- All Tied Up
- The Triangle
- Major Keys to Successful Marriage
- Conclusion: Bull's-Eye