Beautiful Hearted Women of the Bible, by Linsey Driskill

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  • Author: Linsey Driskill

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Spend valuable time with your daughter and the Lord by connecting through stories, questions, prayer, action, and creativity.

Beautiful Hearted Women of the Bible is a creative and interactive 40-week devotional that offers a sweet space for moms and daughters, ages 6 to 10, to grow in their relationship with God and each other.

Each devotion has a woman of the Bible who loved the Lord and loved others. Learning about the fortitude and inner beauty of these women will inspire both moms and daughters to develop beautiful hearts of strength, courage, and love and will ultimately guide them to Jesus.

Beautiful Hearted Women of the Bible reaches beyond the mind to the heart, connecting moms and daughters and raising up difference-makers for Jesus.

- 192 pages
- 40 weeks of devotionals
- Imaginative and reflective questions within each story
- Three questions and a simple prayer at the end of each story
- Daughters in Action section with practical ways to put your faith into action
- Creative Fun section with lots of imaginative activities
- Written by Linsey Driskill
- Recommended for moms and daughters (ages 6 to 10)