When Your Child Is Grieving, by Amy Ford, Paperback

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  • Author: Amy Ford

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Healing child's broken heart begins with hope.
How can you help your child through a painful loss like the breakup of a family or the death of a pet or loved one, especially when you may have your own grief to confront?
God sees the pain your family is in, and wants to walk through it with you. It's one of the reasons why He sent His Son, Jesus, to heal our broken hearts. Most important, God wants to give your child hope.
Dr. Amy Ford is a licensed professional counselor, professor, and parent who specializes in complex psychological issues, including trauma and grief. She addresses your child's specific needs while providing spiritual encouragement from God's Word and expert advice. Gain the wisdom, skills, and practical ideas you need to guide your child through this difficult time.
Grieving can be a long and challenging process, especially for children, but with God's help and the loving support of our friends and family, grief can bring way to new life. You child will get through this, and so will you.