Bluebell Inn Romance Series: Lake Season, by Denise Hunter, Paperback

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  • Author: Denise Hunter

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A lost letter, a new love, and old secrets blossom this summer at the Bluebell Inn.
Molly Bennett and her siblings lost their parents suddenly in a tragic accident. Now they want to fulfill the dream of their parents: restoring their historic Bluebell, North Carolina home back into an inn. The situation is supposed to be temporary. Once they get the inn up and running, they could sell it and Molly could return to chasing her own dreams.
Adam Bradford, who is also a bestselling author who goes by the moniker Nathaniel Grey, faces a bad case of writer's block. Eager for inspiration while his deadline approaches, he travels to a lake town in North Carolina, the setting for his latest book. There he finds his muse, a young innkeeper who adores his alter ego.
Molly and Adam develop an instant friendship. When Molly finds a long-lost letter in the walls of her inn, she teams up with Adam to find the star-crossed lovers and bring them the closure they deserve. Adam has secrets of his own. Past and present collide as truths are exposed. Molly and Adam will have to decide if love is worth trusting.