Best Worst Dad Jokes, by Silverthorne

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  • Author: Sandy Silverthorne

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When a man becomes a dad, he takes on important responsibilities such as providing for his family, raising up his children to become good citizens, and telling the absolute worst jokes he can come up with. Dad jokes don't always come naturally. That's why Sandy Silverthorne created The Best Worst Dad Jokes. Packed with over 500 groan worthy jokes to torment your kids, this collection makes it possible for dads to fill any moment of dead air with a joke that will have everyone within earshot rolling their eyes and edging away to avoid association with you. This book includes jokes such as:

I don't have a dad bod; I have a father figure
I saw a sign that said Watch for Children. That sounded like a good trade to me.
When does a joke become a dad joke? When it's fully groan.