H.J. Sherman, My Cross Pocket Token, Olive Wood, 1 x 1.50 inches

  • Brand: H.J. Sherman

SKU: 3859071

Encourage and show your heartfelt appreciation for their time and talents they share to your ministry volunteers, assistants, or staff members with this inspiring My Cross Pocket Token! This small hardwood cross features a beautiful natural grain and comes with a powerful message on a white card that reads:

My cross is not a relic of two thousand years ago, it's a symbol and a comfort that's with me wherever I go.

The message is so simple, and its meaning clear to see, it's kept as a remembrance of what Jesus did for me.

My cross is a reminder, a keepsake that I hold. It may be carved in wood or gently cast in gold.

When life gets complicated and the world seems gone astray, that's when the cross I cling to will help me through the day. 

I'll keep it with me always, and someday I will see, standing there at Heaven's Gate, it really was the "Key". by Sherman

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  • - My Cross Pocket Token
  • - Olive wood with natural grain
  • - Clear plastic package
  • - Card with message
  • - 1 x 1-1/2 inches
  • - Wonderful thank you gift