Life Of Christ Wall Cross, Bronzed Resin, 11 inches


SKU: 3118981

Ever wished you could share the gospel of Christ, but are not sure where to start? Or perhaps you just need a conversation starter. Here is the answer to both all in one beautiful piece of art. This unique and stylistic wall cross portrays scenes in the life of Christ in bronze finish with openwork design.

Through the scenes portrayed one can share how and why Christ was born on earth; His baptism by John the Baptist; His power over nature, disease and death; His crucifixion; His resurrection from the dead; and the fact that He is coming again. It is the gospel message in story form. Whether used as an evangelistic tool or as a simple piece of art, this popular wall cross is a must-have for every evangelical Christian.

  • - Portrays Christ's life in story form
  • - Evangelistic tool
  • - Beautiful and noteworthy
  • - Made of light-weight bronzed resin
  • - Measures 11 inches in length